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New! Water Purification Equipment

During my 52 years in diesel and equipment work, of necessity, I have gained the skills needed to perform the work. This includes welding, metal working, heat treating, annealing, tempering, silver-soldering, brazing, aluminum brazing, high- and low-pressure plumbing, electrical controls, and wiring, to name just a few.

I hadn’t been at the trade for very long when I realized that these skills had given me the ability to construct a working prototype of any tool or machine I could imagine.

About the the same time we began to hear more about the scarcity of water (especially safe drinking water). I studied water purification in general, and distillation in particular.

I realized the best way to perform water purification was at the “point of use” in homes, because no government on earth has the financial strength needed to make drinking water safe again. So I began designing and building and testing prototype distillers.

As a result, presented here are two different patented water distillers of my own design.

The first system, the Lab-Still, is capable of making most water safe to drink, according to U.S. regulations, by greatly reducing contamination such as radioactivity, PFAS chemicals, and most other harmful pollutants.

I don’t say “most” lightly. Labs now test down to parts per billion (comparable to one drop of impurity in 500 barrels of water!). Therefore, we can’t technically say “all,” but we can use the word “safe.”

The second machine, the Tuff-Still, is also used to make distilled water; not for drinking, but rather for industrial use. This includes water for lead acid batteries, electrolysers that produce green hydrogen, water to add to an automotive cooling system, and more.

We are offering our designs at a reasonable cost to you, to manufacture and sell. They are simple machines designed for ease of manufacture and assembly. They require a small facility with one or two workers manufacturing them from common materials with simple tooling. Contact Ben at to get started.

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